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Along the Elwha 2020

I built this website to help facilitate an upcoming reunion in an area unfamiliar to most of the family.  A large amount of information had to be presented clearly and helpfully, and I tried to accomplish that.  I also tried to make the site beautiful, a task I had a lot of fun with.

(Some of the information on the website has been removed for the sake of privacy.)


Sold By Jan Daum

I've worked with Jan Daum since July 2018.  She used my services to create a personal realtor website to introduce herself to her potential clients.  I am also in charge of her blog on an ongoing basis.

She also employs me to create custom personal websites for each real estate listing she secures.  The websites have been a useful tool both for her sellers and her buyers.

To see examples of listings I've done for Jan, please click here.

*Please note that the fragmented, nonstandard-English "realtorese" home-description paragraphs on the listings are formatted that way at the request of my client, and do not reflect my actual writing ability.

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Northwest Disinfecting

Northwest Disinfecting asked me to make a website for their awesome company and it was my genuine pleasure to bring their vision to life!

They're ready to help you disinfect practically your whole world to protect yourself from COVID-19 -- if you need them, contact them!  I know I'm proud to have worked with them to make life a little safer for people.

I also worked with one of the owners to craft the logo, so that was a really cool project!

Wild Flowers

Coming soon!

Stay tuned!  I'm working on something really exciting that I can't wait to share with you!



Sometimes, when I'm not doing work for a client, I like to play with new web design ideas.  You know how compelling it is to see if you can actually execute something in real life the way you see it in your head?  I also like to practice concepts and layouts for websites I might be lucky enough to do in the future, or create websites for fictional characters and situations for fun.  Think of this like doodling, if that makes sense.

Woman Isolated.png

Wedding Intro

I had an idea to create a sort of animated story introduction that might act as a homepage for someone's wedding website, and I wanted to see if I could make it work.  I imagine this leading site visitors into the website, piquing their interest to learn details of the couple's wedding.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

*None of the art is mine; I do not claim any of it, nor do I claim to have created it.  I also do not know the original artists to credit them.  I was simply borrowing images I found online for this play exercise.  If this design element was ever requested, I would of course replace these images with my own or with images labeled for reuse. 


The Birding Baker

I was working on a project for a client who's a professional baker, but unfortunately, the project fell through.  However, I really had a lot of fun with the design I created, so I reworked it into a doodle for fun.  The woman I was working with worked in a completely different secondary profession than ornithology -- I totally changed all of the personal details, photos, job details, and even the names of the cakes.  What fun it was to work on this little project!

Image by Khamkéo Vilaysing

Wedding Website Doodle

I was commissioned to build a wedding website; however, the bride wants the website password-protected, so I can't include it here in my portfolio.  This little doodle isn't the design she ultimately chose, but I thought it was pretty cool and I wanted to include it here for fun!  (All personal information and photos have been removed and replaced with stock photos and fictional blurbs.)  *Yes, this project is related to the wedding intro at the top of this section!

My finest horse to anyone who correctly identifies the TV show I was referencing with the bridal party . . . !

Fence with Flowers

Be sure to check back in!

I will continue to add new doodles to this section as I create them.