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WEB DESIGN and further

Obviously, my main job is to design and build the website that most fits your needs.  I'm most comfortable using Wix to do that, although I'm open to using other companies if you would prefer.

I am happy to design a logo and/or a business card for you.  I will also help you unite your brand across social media platforms.  Just let me know what you need!

Laptop Writing


I'm a confident and precise editor and proofreader.  I have extensive training in both, not to mention years of experience.

I will always edit and proofread your content for you so that your website comes across as professionally as possible.

I can also generate content for you.  If you give me facts, context, and a general idea of what you want me to say, I will write the content myself.  I can even blog for you.


The process of accessing and interpreting information from web sites isn't the same for everyone.  Some people rely on captions in videos, or on content which can be mechanically read aloud to them, for example.

I have training in optimizing the accessibility of web content.  If you want me to, I can generate captions for videos, I can help select easily-readable color schemes, I can include alt-text for images and enable visual indicators . . . and so much more.  Everyone should have equal access to information -- I can help you give that to your audience.