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Beth Icard's artistry, technical proficiency, and aptitude for synergistic collaboration made my business launch possible.  With just a couple of sketches for reference, she digitally designed an elegant, professional logo for my business that has captured the special attention of all of my clients to date.  And the website she created for my company is flawless in both functionality and aesthetic.  The layout is accessible, the effects are tasteful, the mechanics are smooth and attention-grabbing.  Her advertising sells my services nearly by itself!   Beth's creative vision is consistently ahead of the curve and stunning in its simultaneous expansiveness and clear attention to detail.  Every idea I bounce at her, she makes better -- often offering a palette of equally high-caliber versions to chose from -- while perfectly encapsulating the original intent.  Her abilities to listen, interpret, and integrate are unparalleled -- as is her work ethic and her readily communicative organization.  Beth's investment in her work is undeniable, her stellar performance inexhaustible, and I would recommend her to anyone seeking an excellent web designer, marketer, and writer/editor.


Northwest Disinfecting

As a realtor, I am constantly searching for what will set me apart, and Beth Icard has been a key to my success.  There are numerous avenues for producing websites for real estate listings, but these websites are mundane and prescriptive.  Beth has produced creative, aesthetically pleasing, individualized websites for my real estate listings.  My sellers and buyers alike are impressed by her exquisite websites.  Because of the outstanding product, I use Beth Icard for all of my website needs, including my personal website and websites for each of my real estate listings; she has done multiple projects for me.  Beth’s work ethic, care, and concern are unparalleled.  She works tirelessly to produce an outstanding product. Beth is an outside-the-box creative thinker, yet she listens and works in a collaborative way.  I also use Beth in an ongoing basis to serve in an administrative manner.  She is detailed and consistent, always getting the job done in a professional, timely manner.  If I forget to give Beth needed material, she will remind me.  Additionally, Beth is a superb writer and editor.  It is wonderful to give Beth a skeletal idea of my vision, and she beautifully writes what I need her to—even better than my conceptualization. I highly recommend Beth for any website needs.

Following the death of a family member, my whole extended family, scattered around the US, is gathering for a family reunion in memoriam next year.  Beth volunteered to do a website to pull the whole effort together.  The website she created is incredible.  Beth was able, with only one or two conversations, to portray the spirit of the family reunion.  The colors, layout of each tab's info, photos, maps, verbiage to draw you to a link, etc., all create a sense of the peaceful setting for the reunion and foster enticement to other family members to join the event.  The technical parts of the website also function correctly with no glitches.  I would highly recommend Beth Icard as a website design and creator.


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